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Video for schools and colleges

What makes your school different from any other?  With a short, well-crafted film on your home page, you can do more to convey your school's personality and ethos than the thousands of words on your website, or in a prospectus.  

Competition between schools, whether in the public or private sector, is stronger than ever and you need to stand out from the crowd to attract the right students.  More and more schools and colleges are using video to convey their message and the Twitter and Facebook generation expects nothing less.

Nutshell Video will produce a concise, entertaining film that will grab your attention and encapsulate what your school is all about.

Corporate video

Nutshell Video is a London-based production company which provides a complete and innovative video production service. If you are thinking of using video on your website for the first time or want to build on your existing video content, we can make that happen quickly and efficiently. 

Want an animation or infographic video? We do that too.

Our costs are competitive and we can offer a package that will suit your budget as well as your company image.

Why use video on your website?

A professionally produced video is one of the most powerful communication tools available and a medium that everyone understands. It will get your company message across quickly and concisely and help to prevent potential clients from clicking away too soon. At Nutshell Video, we take pride in offering great service, quality and reliability. You will not be disappointed and the resulting film will bring you more clients and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you are a school, local council, hotel, large business or small, video will add broadcast-quality glamour to your website.

What else does Nutshell do?

Nutshell can film company training sessions, presentations, product demonstrations, events, client testimonials and so much more. The resulting video can be used either on your website, company intranet, at corporate events or presented as a DVD. 

We can be relied upon to take your project through to the end: from the concept stage, production and post production, to final delivery.